Metalwork design services


Turning your idea into reality

Underwoods' forge and fabrication facility is well used to turning out good looking and functional pieces that meet or exceed customers’ briefs. But it’s not just the production that we’ll take care of – you can rely on us to help with the design too.

Using CAD software our designer will work with you to create the exact look you want. Whether large or small, they’ll start by discussing your project to understand the creative and functional aspects that you’re looking for before moving onto the different forms of steel, aluminium or other materials that you may want to incorporate. They’ll even be able to offer advice on the best finish to choose.

A word on structural calculations

We don’t do structural calculations but can offer names of local engineering firms who will be able to help if you’re unsure whether you need one, or who to speak to. Just contact us for details.

“If only I’d known Underwoods could make bespoke staircases I wouldn’t have had to worry about that flipping beanstalk”

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